News & Announcements

User uploads are available again

It is now possible to upload videos again. Please don't overwhelm the server 😅. Also the video manager got some improvements:

  • listing of queued/failed videos
  • reactive encoding progress bar

If you encounter any bugs please report them at /contact

Old videos are moving ...

You may encounter a lot of not loading videos in the next couple of days, because we are moving older videos to a new storage server. This is also the reason why video uploads are disabled right now. But after that older videos should load fast again.

New Features: Video Upload & Improved Pagination

Great news the site got some new features & improvements:

  • It is now possible to upload videos.
  • The video player got a new hotkey, when you press "r" it will play a random video.
  • With the improved pagination you can now browse through all videos at /trending & /top instead of only the top 100.
  • Various small bug fixes, but probably implemented new bugs 😅. Feel free to report them at /contact.

If you want to leave some feedback you can also comment on this news post at /news#5.

Also just as a reminder even with a free account you can permanently disable the stripper girls ad and will only see one popup. You can create one here: /register

New Features: Player hotkeys & playback rate control

You can now use your keyboard to control the video player, click on the keyboard icon at the player page to see all available hotkeys.
It is now also possible to change the playback rate of the video, which is very helpful to skim over boring parts of videos.

With the new timestamp feature it is possible to share video urls with a specific timestamp, in case you want to point your friends immediately to the best part of a video. How to create such a url is also explained under the keyboard icon on the player page.

Server Maintenance

We encountered some problems during switching the video storage. So many videos are not working currently, we know this and do our best to fix them as fast as possible.
We are very sorry for this.

Thanks for your Feedback & Some Tips

According to the results of this survey we will focus on the video uploads by users next. But before that we will have to fix the video storage problem and also make it more scalable. Thanks to all who participated.

Also some tips & answers that arised from the free text field:

What features do you want next?

Please help us to improve and tell us which features we should implement next: